disseminating information on the environment

Legal basis: GD 878/2005 – On public access to environmental information.


The economic operator SC Palet Logistic Expres SRL, with headquarters in Mosoaia commune, Smeura village, Aleea Rozelor street, no.8, Arges county and working point in Stefanesti city, Viisoara street, no.4, Arges county, having as main activities "wood cutting and planing" – CAEN code 1610, "manufacture of veneers and wooden panels" – CAEN code 1621, "manufacture of wooden packaging – CAEN code 1624, "fabication of articles made of cork, straw and other material" – CAEN code 1629, "repair of other equipment" – CAEN code 3319, "recovery of sorted recyclable materials" – CAEN code 3832, "wholesale of waste and scrap" – CAEN code 4677, for which it holds the environmental permit no.376 / 22.12.2011, revised on 16.08.2017, makes available to the public, through active dissemination, the following information on the environment:

  • following the activity at the working point of the company in Stefanesti city, Viisoara street, no.4, Arges county, during January 2019 – June 2019 (semester I 2019), no

accidental pollution phenomena with negative impact on the environment have occurred;

  • the requirements set out in the Environmental Permit regarding the management of waste, packaging and packaging waste are respected in accordance with the provisions of the following normative acts: Law no. 211/2011, with subsequent amendments, regarding the waste regime, GD nr. 621/2005 on the management of packaging and packaging waste, with subsequent additions and modifications, Ord. nr. 794/2012 on the procedure for reporting data on packaging and packaging waste, GD no. Order of the Minister of Public Health no. 856/2002 on the record of waste management and for the approval of the list of wastes, including wastes

We are aware that our processes, products and services, realized, or provided by SC Palet Logistic Expres SRL can generate environmental aspects, such as waste generation, having as potential impacts the potential of the potential of the environmental factors and the visual discomfort.

The management at the highest level is committed to:

  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements;
  • Continuous improvement and prevention of pollution of any type;

In order to implement the policy and to comply with the commitments in the environmental field, the management at the highest level establishes the following environmental objectives and targets:

  • reducing the amount of waste generated from one's own activity;
  • maintenance and operation of technological production installations, so that they operate at the designed parameters;
  • maintenance and operation of installations for the protection of the quality of environmental factors in accordance with the technical documentations of execution and the maintenance and exploitation regulations;
  • preventing accidental pollution by strengthening operational control;
  • reducing the consumption of resources;
  • compliance with the provisions of the environmental permit; 
  • training and awareness of the staff on preventing pollution and ensuring the response capacity in emergency or risk situations;
  • evaluation and selection of suppliers, taking into account the environmental aspects generated, or potentially being generated by the products and services delivered.

This policy is updated whenever necessary and is communicated to all employees and interested parties, being displayed on the company's notice board.



SC Palet Logistic Expres SRL